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Calorie Burning 100% : The best trick for lazy people

Calorie Burning 100% : The best trick for lazy people

Calorie-burning trick in the style of lazy people
If you are one of the people who do not have any activity at all and even do your shopping online, you are a lazy person.

Although doing everyday tasks may seem simple, it does play an important role in burning calories.

In section of Updatebody, we will introduce you to calorie burning tricks in the style of lazy people.

Calorie Burning

burning calories
Calorie Burning

Technical walking is a sport, just walk to your destination and even use the stairs instead of the elevator.
By doing this, you will burn a lot of calories daily.
Walking is a simple and easy exercise that practically anyone can do.

Laugh out loud
The human body also burns calories when it is not doing anything. Pumping the heart and breathing and surviving at all requires energy and burning calories.
But how does laughing burn calories?
If you consider a person weighing 68 kg; This person burns calories while doing various tasks, such as gardening, jogging, driving and skiing, gardening.

Laugh out loud : it increases the heart rate by 10 to 20%, thus increasing the body’s metabolism.
In addition, by stopping laughing, the body continues to burn calories.
Laughing for 15 minutes a day burns about 10 to 40 kcal.
This period in a year causes a weight loss of about 8.1 kg.

According to a study by Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the average calorie burn in adults who laugh out loud is 1.3 calories per minute, so deep-hearted laughter is a form of exercise.

Increase spice consumption-Calorie Burning
Research shows that chili peppers can boost your metabolic rate, help your body burn about 50 more calories a day, and increase your metabolism by 23%.
That’s why you sweat when you eat spicy foods.

Chew-Calorie Burning
Always eat whole foods instead of fruit juices or liquid calories, this way you will feel fuller and therefore eat less.
An average apple has about 60 calories and is better than drinking 60 calories of apple juice because the body burns more calories by chewing and burning fiber.
In addition, one serving of apple juice has more sugar and calories than a apple.

To shop-Calorie Burning
Shopping is the easiest way to burn calories because you walk long hours to find what you want.
A typical purchase burns 156 calories per hour, and if you carry heavy bags, you will burn more calories.

Drinking water-Calorie Burning
Drinking eight glasses of ice water a day will help your body burn 123 more calories.
The lower the temperature and the colder the water, the more calories it burns because the body uses more energy to warm itself. This principle applies to any calorie-free beverage.
Of course, you may also burn calories, coffee and tea for this reason.

Use the ball instead of the chair-Calorie Burning
Using a stationary ball instead of a 260-seat will burn more calories throughout the day.

Deep thinking and contemplation-Calorie Burning
While thinking is not a physical activity, it can help burn calories. Stressers burn fewer calories than cold-blooded people, so spend time meditating.
Deep breathing helps reduce stress and cortisol levels to distribute the hormone evenly, turning the body into a calorie-burning machine. Every hour of thinking burns 64 kcal.

Breathing-Calorie Burning
Breathing without realizing it burns calories.
To know how many calories your breath burns, multiply your body weight by 0.02 and multiply the result by the time you want.
With this method, you get the number of calories burned at a specific time by breathing.
For example, a person who weighs 68 kg in 15 minutes burns approximately 21 kcal just by breathing.

Calorie Burning
Calorie Burning

Sleep well-Calorie Burning
Sleeping less than 4 hours in a long period of time will reduce your metabolism, in fact, reducing the amount of calories depends on the hour of sleep.
Lack of sleep can also affect cortisol levels and signal the body to store fat.

Experts recommend sleeping between seven and nine hours each night.
When you are tired of daily activities, the body lacks energy for normal activities, which includes burning calories.
Therefore, for a continuous and uniform metabolism of the body, regular sleep and a maximum of 9 hours is important.
Every hour of sleep burns 60 kcal;
That means 8 hours of sleep burns about 480 kcal.

Stand-Calorie Burning
When you stand, your heart beats an average of 10 times or more per minute, burning 0.7 percent more calories.
Standing for about an hour burns about 50 kcal;
For example, if you stand for 4 days and 3 hours a day, you will burn approximately 600 kcal.
4 hours of standing a day is equivalent to participating in 10 martins a year.
For example, if you do not have enough time to stand while talking on the phone, stand and talk to your colleagues at their desk and talk standing up.
Standing burns 50% more calories than sitting.

Relaxation-Calorie Burning
Studies show that stress causes the formation of belly fat.
When a person is stressed, hormones such as cortisol can stimulate the appetite, reduce metabolism, and store fat in the abdomen.
So you should look for activities that reduce stress.
Listening to soothing music or relaxing exercises, in addition to relaxing the body, reduces bulimia nervosa.

Drinking coffee-Calorie Burning
Coffee helps to lose weight.
By consuming caffeine, you can burn calories stored in the body in 3 hours.
So coffee is a great way to lose weight and burn extra calories.
If you do not like coffee, you can try drinking tea.
But avoid high-calorie energy drinks.

Do not consume carbohydrates-Calorie Burning
If you really want to lose weight, a great way to do that is to avoid carbs.
But for many people it is very difficult to completely reduce carbohydrates and bread.
So reduce your carb intake to 3 to 4 days a week.

Chewing gum-Calorie Burning
Chewing gum is an easy way to lose weight.
Studies show that chewing gum can reduce a person’s appetite for snacks and calories by up to 10 percent because it deceives the mind and boosts metabolism.
One hour of chewing gum is equivalent to burning 11 kcal.

Temperature reduction-Calorie Burning
You may be surprised, but low temperatures mean more calories burned.
This is because when the temperature is low, your body has to burn more calories to keep itself warm.
Especially if the cold is so much that it causes shivering, energy consumption and calories burn more.
Of course, the amount of fat and clothing people are effective in feeling cold and shivering.
Also, walking in deep snow or wearing heavy clothing in cold temperatures will burn 3 to 7 percent more calories.
The body burns about 400 kcal per hour of shaking to warm up and raise body temperature.
The ideal temperature for burning calories is 64 degrees.

Add rest time-Calorie Burning
Add to your rest days, even if you think you do not need it.
By doing this, you will have more muscle that helps the body burn more calories naturally.

Shaking hands and feet-Calorie Burning
Research shows that lean people are about 150 minutes more restless than obese people during the day.
Of course, this restlessness does not mean doing heavy work.
Some minor tasks, such as shaking hands and feet, shaking hands and feet when talking, twisting and playing with hair, and tapping with feet and fingers, burn about 350 kcal a day.

Doing these things daily during the year will reduce a person’s weight by about five to 15 kilograms.
These non-sports activities are called non-exercise calorie activities, which can burn about 100 to 150 calories per hour.

Reducing stress-Calorie Burning
Stress is generally bad for your body.
In addition to damaging the body over time, stress can actually inhibit the number of calories it burns and cause it to gain more weight.
So if you take the stress out of your life, you will be much happier and lighter.
Calm women burn more than 100 calories.

Avoid sugar-Calorie Burning
Consumption of sugar not only causes blood sugar but is also one of the causes of weight gain so you should avoid eating it.

Use small plates
Psychologically, to prevent overeating, put food in small plates so that you have to eat less, this way your stomach reacts to satiety.

Teeth brushing-Calorie Burning
Be sure to brush after eating.
This will help reduce appetite because no one likes the taste of food after brushing.
This lifestyle change will help you when you want to have an extra meal or dessert.

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