Bosu abs

Bosu abs

Bosu abs : A few exercises for fitness with Bosu ball abs.

Bosu abs – Planks
Keeping on the BOSU ball will challenge your balance, attracting your stability muscles not only at your core but also throughout your body as It happens well.
How to do :
Start by placing your dome ball down on the ground.
Put your hand on each side of the ball.
Make sure to put your hands straight below your shoulders and keep your hips high.
Hold 30 to 60 seconds

Cover your BOSU ball by working on regular boards or carrying longboards with your hands on a Bosu ball.

Bosu ball for abs
Bosu abs

Bosu abs – Side Plank
A twist when done on the BOSU ball.
This exercise is located in almost every muscle along your sides and tightening your tightness like a corset to strengthen your core.
The instability of BOSU also challenges the core muscle.

How to do:

Place the flat part of the BOSU ball on the floor.

Getting in the slim position of your side with your elbow on top of the ball, the elbow is straight under your shoulder. Put your feet together.
Raise your texture, keeping this position for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.
If you have a problem with the deal, instead of stacking them, put one foot against the others.


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Bosu abs -Twisting Plank

Practice BOSU Ball Ab – Twisted Punk

The Twisting target their entire core,
With an additional emphasis on your diagonal muscles due to the torsion of your buttocks.

How to do:

Start by placing your dome ball down on the ground.

Come on to a Punk on the ball, placing your hand on both sides of the edge directly below your shoulders.

Connect your core and attach your right knee to the left side of your shoulder below.

Return to your first Punk and repeat on the other side. 15 to 20 repetitions.

To start:
Hold a standard Punk for 30-60 seconds.

Bosu abs – Mountain Climber

BOSU climbing will work all your body alongside your kernel and your arms.
While your heart rate also increases.

How to do:

Starting the plank on your BOSU, start with the dome side on the floor.

Make sure you have the right side on each side of the platform and place your hands straight below your shoulders, pull one knee to your chest.

Extend your leg back to plank position and draw in the opposite knee.

20 to 30 repetitions.
To start:
Have a static plank on BOSU or try to mount mountain climbers without BOSU.

Bosu abs – Wobbly Plank
The Wobbly planks are a challenge not only to improve balance but also to the upper body’s strength and stability.
How to do:
Start by placing your dome ball down on the ground.
Come to the platform, grasp your hands firmly on both sides.
Now, start calming towards one, tighten your leg tightly and bend your little elbows slightly.
As far as you can to one side, then the other side, as you can (kind of like a one-way push up)

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