Bodyweight 100% : best bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight 100% : best bodyweight exercises

Learn about bodyweight exercises and its benefits
Bodyweight : In one sentence, bodyweight means exercising using body weight. Although bodyweight has become more attractive and popular these days, it is the oldest type of exercise.
We all have the facilities of this sport at home, because we do not need anything other than ourselves to do this sport.
Even bodyweight can be one of the most effective exercises, the most effective of which is push-up.

basic exercises

It is enough for you to learn to do different positions and challenge your body and act against the force of gravity.

Fortunately, you can use this exercise for all parts of your body and target specific parts of the body.
This sport is suitable for all ages and all people, even for people with mobility problems.

stretch the body

What is bodyweight?
Body weight-based exercises that do not require weights and can be done anywhere are called body-weight exercises, which include interval training and weight-bearing strength training.

Benefits of bodyweight
The reasons why people are attracted to this sport are different, the most common of which include what you will read in this section of Updatebody:

There is no cost for equipment in this sport.
You can only use a sports mat for more comfort or use ropes to stretch the body.

Suitable for beginners
Bodyweight is quite comfortable in basic exercises.
So that even novices can easily learn it;
Without the need for a personal trainer.
As fitness increases, the exercises become harder and more complex.

Practicing bodyweight is very easy and you do not have to wait for the machine in the club or spend your time adjusting the machine.
You do not even need to register at the club, because you only need yourself to do this sport.

Lowest probability of injury
Since this exercise does not use weights or tools, as a result, you have more control over your body and the risk of injury is greatly reduced.

fitness levels

Suitable for all fitness levels
Although these exercises are not as challenging as the original fitness, they can be suitable for beginners and anyone who does fitness at any level can benefit from this exercise.

Multidimensional exercise
This exercise can be a strength and aerobic exercise at the same time, it involves several muscles at the same time, and in general, it will bring you countless benefits in a short period of time.

Strengthen the core and center of the body
Bodyweight exercises work more on strengthening the core and center of the body, which is very effective in improving low back pain and beautifying your standing position, and greatly increases strength and stability in this part of the body.

Fast fat burning
At bodyweight you can burn a lot of calories, melt your body fat and get close to your goal quickly because it dramatically increases your metabolism throughout the day.

Prevent muscle mass loss
Exercise is definitely a good way to prevent you from losing muscle mass;
Provided that you follow a diet with adequate and nutritious calories.

Increase flexibility
The stiff muscles in the body wit gradually soften and their flexibility increases, because in these exercises you perform dynamic stretching, which is a great way to flex the whole body.

Possibility of exercising outdoors
If you are tired of exercising on the four walls of the club or home, you can do bodyweight outdoors and use vitamin D sunlight, which is one of the biggest benefits of this sport.

exercise for strengthening

Increase body endurance
Many exercises are designed to help increase the body’s stability and endurance, and you can use them in your daily life to ensure the health and beauty of your body.

Tip: Of course, this does not mean that there is no possibility of injury in body wit, but you must learn to implement the correct form of exercise and do not stretch your body too much, but in general, compared to other sports, very vulnerable Has less.
Challenges to practice bodyweight
We can all use different options and exercises that are right for some of us, wrong for others, and more effective for some and ineffective for others.
Many champions and fitness professionals use bodyweight
as a way to meet the needs of their body, but it does not matter if you are an expert or a novice in this sport, in any case, there must be some rules Observe.

You should try to increase the strength of your muscles, rely on your own weight.

Once you are able to do the relatively strenuous exercise, you need to learn how to grow and improve yourself.

Perhaps the biggest challenge with bodyweight
is that you can’t see your progress clearly.

If you do this exercise regularly, you will undoubtedly have a stronger body and more fitness, but with bodyweight
you will definitely be stronger, because you bear something heavier than your body weight.


A few examples of bodyweight exercises
The main and important bodybuilding exercises include:

It is a combination exercise that involves the muscles of the chest, shoulders, triceps, back and waist, abdomen and even the legs, and is an ideal exercise for strengthening the upper limbs and torso muscles.

To do this move
Stand on all fours on the floor, spread your arms shoulder-width apart, and bring your legs back to balance.
Without arching your back or abdomen, contract your abdominal muscles, and while slowly bending your elbows, breathe and lower until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.
As you begin to contract your chest muscles, With the help of your hands you are returning to the starting point of the movement, exhale.

Squat is a sport that does not require special equipment.
Stand up to squat and spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Straighten your back and spine, eyes forward and feet firmly on the floor, gently push your hips back and imagine sitting on a chair.

Barfix is a great sport that does not require any special equipment.
Find a sturdy bar and then hold it with your hands slightly open at shoulder width.
Try to keep your back straight so that your back muscles are involved.
Then lift your foot off the ground and stay in this position for at least 10 seconds.


Bulgarian Split Squat
Bulgarian squat or split squat is similar to moving lunges.
To do the movement, you have to keep one foot back and balance with only one foot and the toe.
Place the hind leg on a high surface such as a flat table or box and go down in a single leg so that the thigh muscles are parallel to the ground and then go up to return to the starting point.

Australian traction
This great movement is useful for people who have discomfort in the lower back and spine.
To do this, place yourself under the bar of the Smith machine so that at the top of the positive range of motion, the bar touches your chest line.
Grasp the bar from below as if you were bending your wrist upside down or armpit barbell upside down, then pull yourself up while your body is straight.
Keep your spine and whole body in a straight line while performing the movement.

Bodyweight training program
To prevent over-training your muscles, you should set aside time for recovery and do each of these exercises in one day.
For example, you can run the following program:

Day 1: Push up
Day 2: Barfix
Day 3: Leg
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Push up
Day 6: PULL-up
Day 7: Leg
Day 8: Rest
For each of these exercises, repeat 10 times in one set, and generally do each in three sets, resting for one minute between each set.
You get tired of bodybuilding like any other sport.
So try to pay attention to it and take care of your rest and nutrition.

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