best time to eat carbs

best time to eat carbs

best time to eat carbs

Night is a good best time to eat carbs and lose weight !
Surely you are surprised by reading this sentence because it has been emphasized many times before that you should not consume carbohydrates to prevent overweight and success in your night slimming diet, but this issue has not been proven.
In a report published in the Daily Mail, you will read the details in the continuation of this section of Updatebody.

eat carbs
best time to eat carbs

Should we eat carbohydrates at night or in the morning?
Dr. Michelle told the truth about the best time to eat carbs.
“Eating pasta and bread for dinner is better for people who want to gain weight than eating toast in the morning.
In the past, experts thought that carbohydrates should be consumed at the beginning of the day.
They cause obesity in the form of fat

Yes, new studies and the release of the BBC Derby show that eating carbs at dinner raises lower blood sugar than eating them at breakfast, while we still emphasize that such people should not consume too much starch during the day.

Healthy body…

This nutritionist and dietitian has some suggestions for people who are very accustomed to eating carbs:
“Eating carbs at night raises blood sugar!”

A group of university researchers asked volunteers to eat plenty of carbohydrates in the morning or evening.
All participants ate the same amount of bread, pasta, and vegetables every day.
In the first 5 days most of these foods were eaten in the morning, then 5 days they followed the previous diet but in the last 5 days breakfast started with a small amount of carbohydrates and dinner started with a lot of carbohydrates;
The researchers monitored the participants’ blood sugar during the study.

Result – best time to eat carbs:
Breakfast with less carbohydrates and dinner with higher carbohydrate output had better output.
The results showed that consuming more carbohydrates in the evening meal increases the unit of glucose.
Physicians (whose physical condition should be checked) should change their carbohydrate intake accordingly.

In the end, we must say that in addition to the time of consumption of this part of the food, the type of carbohydrates consumed will have a significant effect.
Complete carbohydrates with the least processing process are best.
These carbohydrates, in addition to controlling blood sugar, keep you fuller throughout the day due to the presence of fiber.

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