Best fat burner

Best fat burner

Best fat burner

Exercises that burn more fat than running
Running is one of the first exercises that comes to the mind of anyone who wants to lose weight.
For example, the;
This is an effective method for a person who weighs 70 kg, who burns about 298 calories if he runs at 30 km / h for 30 minutes a day, but some people still do not reach this goal by running, perhaps because They put pressure on their knees and joints, or they get tired very quickly.

In this part of Updatebody, exercises have been introduced that can burn more fat than running, so stay tuned.

1- Rope – 372 calories for 30 minutes
Rope jumping is not only a popular game for children but also a common exercise among many athletes.
Rope can be a great aerobic exercise because in addition to helping with coordination and timing, anyone can do it in more than one way and apply their tricks in this exercise.

2- Swimming – 409 calories for 30 minutes
Swimming is also a great option for burning fat and preventing many diseases at the same time.
This is an effective way to prevent diabetes, stroke and other heart failures and in addition it helps to strengthen the muscles and will not put any pressure on the knees.
Swimming will also help balance your muscles.

3- Rock climbing – 409 calories for 30 minutes
Rock climbing is also an exciting and fun way to burn fat because it trains almost every muscle in the body and increases concentration and function.
In fact, it can be said that it is also effective for mental health.

4- Football – 612 calories per hour
Running on a treadmill for 20 minutes does not work to build muscle or build a six-piece abdomen, but you should increase the intensity of your exercise.
A soccer game in which a person runs fast and slow, including aerobic and anaerobic exercise, in which high fat and slow-twitch muscle fibers burn a lot of fat and calories and muscle is replaced.

Mountaineering – 680 calories per hour
Mountaineering is a useful exercise that in addition to burning fat, increases the body’s ability and strengthens the arms and wrists. This exercise is very suitable for people who are thinking of building big muscles.

6- Cycling -614 calories for 30 minutes
Cycling, like running, will burn a lot of fat if done vigorously. Alternating speed can also be effective.
Apart from being a good exercise that has many benefits for the heart and muscles, cycling is also a comfortable and economical exercise.

7- Gymnastics – 297 calories per hour
Gymnastics is a great sport for building muscle.
For this exercise, you have to learn movements such as sitting, plank or barfix and repeat them every day and you do not need any exercise equipment.

Doing exercises such as sit-ups, planks or barfix and repeating them every day puts a lot of pressure on your body to build muscle.

8- Step aerobics -372 calories for 30 minutes
Aerobics is one of the most attractive activities in gyms, which is usually moderate in intensity along with strengthening the mood. This exercise is useful not only in burning fat but also in improving cardiovascular health.
Since step aerobics do not put pressure on the joints, it will be a good exercise for people with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

9- Elliptical workout (calories -335)
Elliptical devices provide a good way to exercise the whole body, forming the lower body (leg muscles, thighs and quadriceps muscles) and the upper body (arms, back and chest muscles).
As a low-intensity exercise, it is a good option for women who want to get fit after pregnancy.

10- Bodybuilding – 340 calories per hour
Bodybuilding is a sport that you can do to lose weight and build strong muscles.
Learning to lift and lower weights properly will have a long-term effect on your physical health and is beneficial and necessary for all people.

11- Burpees – 316 calories for 30 minutes
Burpees can be one of the most dynamic calisthenics exercises because it is one of the exercises that does not require any equipment and can be done anywhere, just use your body weight to do it.
It involves all the muscles of the body and allows you to burn 10 calories per minute, depending on how intense you are.

12- Handball – 446 calories for 30 minutes
Competitive games are a good choice for fat burning.
Handball is also one of the items that burns the most calories because the players are constantly active during the match.

  1. Skiing – 408 calories per hour
    Skiing is a useful and fun sport that burns calories and increases the body’s energy because exercise in places like snow forces your body to adapt to a low oxygen environment and the body produces cells.
    The more red blood cells have the longer the energy.

14 – Golf – 238 calories per hour
This exercise requires a lot of concentration and in addition to burning calories and burning fat, it is a kind of meditation and reduces stress because in this exercise you only have to think about your goal and act accordingly.
This exercise is also useful for people with health problems.

15- Playing with children 372 calories in one hour!
True, we do not have to be obsessed with fitness training to lose weight, because one hour of playing with children is enough to burn a lot of calories, so good news for mothers with young children who do not have time to go to the gym.

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