Benefits of having a beard

Benefits of having a beard and The most important points

Benefits of having a beard and The most important points

The benefits of a beard and the quality of having a beard and mustache for a man – Benefits of having a beard
For centuries, bearded men have claimed that their hair-covered face is a natural insulator.
Even in a philosophical article in 1854, a philosopher claimed that the function of the beard and mustache is such that it protects some sensitive parts of the human body against the cold.
Scientists have now proven this hypothesis.

The Chinese began studying the subject in 2012, comparing the skin of about 100 bearded men without beards and mustaches, and found that the lip temperature of men with beards and mustaches was one degree higher than the rest.

The experiment showed that men without beards and mustaches lost some of their body heat.
Now some scientists have solved this mysterious issue and concluded that beards and mustaches keep men warmer.

“The only danger that a beard and mustache can pose is an overheating of the brain,” says physiologist Michael Kabanak.

But the interesting thing is that he believes that human evolution is in a way that compensates for this warming in another way, and that is hereditary alopecia in men!

Kabanak believes that hair loss acts like air conditioning and balances the heat from the beard and mustache. He calls his hypothesis “thermal regulation equilibrium” and has been studying 39 men for 10 years.

He says with great confidence that men who have longer beards – or do not shave – then have them on the hairline.

Properties of having a beard and the benefits of a mustache for the beauty of men’s skin
It is true that mustaches cover only part of the skin under the nose, but they can still protect a small part of the skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Recent research shows that beards and mustaches can protect men’s skin from 90 to 95 percent of the sun’s UV damage. As a result, skin aging is delayed and the risk of skin cancer is minimized.

In general, hair is a good protection against the sun. Some experts believe that hair acts as a protective factor (SPF). The longer and thicker the facial hair and the thicker it is, the stronger its protective factor.

Reduces infections and pimples – Benefits of having a beard

When a part of the face is covered with a mustache, it is no longer necessary to clean the hair of this part every day, as a result, the possibility of bacterial infection and facial acne is reduced and the subsequent problems caused by it are partially eliminated.
Dermatologists say that hair follicles do not become infected in this condition and do not cause pimples and acne due to the closure of the follicles.

Aging covers the skin – Benefits of having a beard

People who have a deep laugh or want to cover the aging skin around the lips, it is better to use a long and thick mustache. A group of whiskers are horseshoes that seem suitable for such people because the whiskers follow the line of laughter and no trace of laughter remains.

Minimizes the symptoms of allergies and asthma – Benefits of having a beard

Although there is no consensus on this feature of the mustache, a group of dermatologists and hair experts believe that facial hair can reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies and have a protective role in the respiratory system.

Of course, some are completely opposed to this hypothesis. However, the results of several studies show that people who are sensitive to allergens and environmental pollution, can take advantage of this mustache.

The hair on the bottom of the nose acts like filters that can prevent particles and allergens from entering the nose.

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