Benefits of crying

Benefits of crying and important points

Benefits of crying to maintain health and beauty

Do you know the benefits of crying or do you think crying is bad for your health?

It is true that grief is the cause of illness and aging, but do not forget that crying normally promotes the health of the body and skin by expelling toxins from the body.

Research has shown that crying can also be good for health, although there are a number of benefits to crying.

Doing is less than the benefits of laughing, but certainly the same number should not be overlooked.

It must be said that if you stop your tears, this will lead to self-harm.

As you know, crying helps to suppress emotions and tensions, which helps relieve stress, depression, and improves mood. Crying is a natural, healthy, and healing practice.

Each person is able to shed 10 ounces of tears and 30 gallons per year. These tears can be fundamental, reflex tears, or psychological and emotional.
Although the tears caused by emotions have a high amount of stress, but it relieves the iris and transmits this feeling to others.

Benefits of crying and shedding tears
Of course, crying calms the body as much as it does, but these benefits do not end with relieving grief and achieving peace, and there are many other benefits that are as follows.

Benefits of crying to get rid of toxins in the body
In addition to clearing the mind and feelings of people, crying can also clear toxins.

Tears produced by stress help the body get rid of cortisol-boosting chemicals.

Many of the chemicals in emotional crying contain the protein prolactin and the hormone adrenocorticoids, which lower D.

Crying, like urination and sweating, removes toxins and waste products from the body.

Benefits of crying for the eyes
Tears produced by the lacrimal glands cause vision to open.

When Depar’s eye membrane becomes dehydrated, the quality of vision will decrease, so tears wash the surface of the eye and prevent the membrane from losing water.

The benefits of crying relieve stress
Tears can improve mood better than any antidepressant.

According to studies, crying relieves the spirit and mood of people.

People with anxiety and mood disorders may experience fewer positive effects of crying.

A good cry can convey a feeling of relief, even if the bad condition persists.

The important point is that crying releases stress hormones and toxins from the body and reduces stress.

Psychotherapist Martin believes that crying is a healthy alternative to punching the wall and prevents problems that threaten the health of the body.

So shedding tears is a safe and effective way to deal with stress.

When we are under emotional stress, our brain and body begin to produce certain chemical compounds and hormones.

Crying helps to get rid of unnecessary chemicals in the body.

Emotional tears actually remove toxins from the body that accumulate in the blood due to emotional stress.

Emotional tears lower the body’s manganese level.

These minerals have a direct effect on mood.

The concentration of manganese in emotional tears is 30 times higher than that of manganese in the blood serum.

Hormones that accumulate in the body after stress reach toxic levels and weaken the immune system and other biological processes.

Emotional tears act as a safety valve for the heart.

Crying is also effective in reducing and preventing stress-related illnesses.

You should know that when crying is suppressed, emotions are not released and destructive personality traits such as aggression appear.

Scientists believe that suppressing and refusing to cry is unreasonable.

But some people who immediately start crying after being criticized, arguing with friends, facing small failures, should see a psychologist.

Because usually the main cause of this type of crying is low self-esteem or chronic psychological problems in the person and the person should be treated.

Crying is a means of communication, a universal language for asking for help and social support.

Crying helps release endorphins into the bloodstream.

Endorphins are chemical compounds that improve mood and relieve pain.

Benefits of crying for the skin
After talking about the benefits of crying to eliminate toxins from the body and reduce stress, it is easy to understand that the two important factors in aging and loss of skin beauty will be eliminated with proper crying and the skin will be beautiful naturally.

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