benefit of running

benefit of running

benefit of running

56 Benefits of running for body health and vitality
Running slows down the aging process by strengthening the bones and muscles.
In contrast, the bones and muscles of people who are Low activity on a daily basis are weak .
These people are more prone to osteoporosis.
In contrast, athletes’ skeletons are strong and they become less degenerate with age .

burn a lot of calories
benefit of running

Running constantly is not easy, which is why many people give up this habit after running for a while, but as they continue to run and overcome laziness, willpower increases.
Although running is a simple sport, it increases the coordination of the limbs, especially if it is done on a terrain with small obstacles.

Running for 20 to 25 minutes can change your mind, body and soul, and this is no exaggeration because the benefits of running have been scientifically proven.
Certainly we all want to have more power in life in every way.
As a result, we can reap the benefits of running to be mentally and physically stronger;
Of course, provided that we make running a serious daily activity. You will read the benefits of running for all parts of the body, especially the health of the knees and bones, along with the benefits of this comfortable and low-cost exercise for skin and beauty, etc in this part of Updatebody.

Benefits of running after 30 minutes
You do not have to wait a few months to experience the benefits of running in life.
Daily running will have many benefits for you that you will read in this part of updatebody .

Help improve mood

  1. Research shows that running and exercising quickly improves mood and makes you live a stronger life in every way.
  2. Running is the best way to get motivated.
    If you are feeling depressed, running for 20 minutes can work like an antidepressant pill.
  3. There are other studies that show that running may be more effective than antidepressants.

peace of mind

  1. Running prepares you to face daily stress and challenges;
    It prevents you from thinking too much without overcoming fear, and as a result you will feel more relaxed because running activates the anterior lobe of the brain.
    So it’s the easiest and healthiest way to get rid of mental problems and stress.
  2. Running also helps to improve panic attacks and nervous disorders.
    Scientists have used the carbon dioxide challenge to determine the link between sensitivity to fear and anxiety and physical activity.
    They concluded that being physically active causes less fear and panic, and that people who are more physically active are less prone to anger and fear.

Increase energy

  1. Running improves your mood.
    Without the need to take energy drugs, because it activates the reward and satisfaction part of your brain.
    This is why many therapists recommend exercise to improve various addictions.
  2. Running stimulates the production of substances in the mind that make you happier and more focused.
  3. Researchers believe that exercise boosts mood and creativity, and as a result you can experience a better mood.

benefit of running

Better functioning of the body system

  1. Running regulates blood pressure.
    Various studies show that aerobic exercise can be a treatment for people with high blood pressure.
  2. Running improves insulin sensitivity.
    Blood sugar drops rapidly after running.
    For this reason, some people use energy or products containing glucose during exercise.
  3. 30 minutes of running with warm-up and stretching
    (ie 45 minutes of physical activity in general)
    will increase metabolism for the next 14 hours.

Benefits of running after 24 hours
More efficiency

  1. Studies show that physically active employees are usually happier at work and more productive.
    This improvement in mood and performance is not seen in people who do not exercise.

Higher confidence

  1. Running makes you feel better about yourself.
    Running will also increase your confidence and a better sense of your body.
  2. Running is a powerful tool for increasing self-esteem in children and has the same effect on young people.

Higher intelligence

  1. Running allows you to get information faster in the workplace, process it, or perform better in any other environment, such as school or university.
    As a result, it has a positive effect on your learning process.
  2. Running raises cortisol levels, which has many benefits for improving memory and retaining information over a long period of time.

benefit of running

Life control

  1. Aerobic exercise for running activates an area of ​​the brain that is responsible for performing executive functions such as memory, flexibility of mind, attention and control.
    As a result, you can achieve the desired results more easily than before without losing focus.
  2. The study was performed on two groups of people who were both in a stressful situation.
    The physically active group managed their negative emotions better than the other group.
benefit of running

Being active even when you stop exercising

  1. Running helps you burn a lot of calories.
    Even when you are not exercising, your body burns a lot of calories and burns 190 calories involuntarily for the next 14 hours.

Sleeping like a baby

  1. Running helps you sleep faster and easier.
    As a result, your sleep quality will increase and you will have more energy the next day.

benefit of running

Benefits of running after a month

Learn faster

  1. In another article in Updatebody, it was mentioned that running increases the growth of the gray cortex of the brain.
    In just one month, thousands of new brain cells are produced.
    It means you learn faster and easier than before, you have more focus and more content stays in your mind.

Motivate others to exercise

  1. When you exercise after a month, you like to motivate those around you and share your daily routine with them.
    Running with a friend also motivates you and him / her and makes you see both positive changes in yourself.

Smarter choices

  1. Smart choices are not just about diet, but you will have healthier and smarter choices in every area of ​​life and you will control your progress, make better decisions and be more satisfied in the long run.

Putting aside bad habits

  1. Running helps you get rid of bad habits or addictions such as smoking or consuming harmful drinks.
    Only after a few weeks do you feel that you are no longer interested in harmful things and you want to live a healthy life in every way, and as a result, you turn more to vegetables and fruits.

Feel the energy throughout the day

  1. Fatigue is a permanent feature of some people’s lives.
    In fact, there is no shortage of energy for daily activities.
    That’s why people who exercise have more energy during the day than people who don’t.
  2. A six-week experiment on a number of young people who felt constantly tired showed that they felt high energy after exercising and that their fatigue levels had decreased.
  3. Running increases energy levels, relieves fatigue and makes you look like a child with high excitement.

High mental strength

  1. Running makes it easy to get distracted, so you can focus on your work more easily, and your productivity level will increase dramatically after a month.
  2. You will definitely see your habits improve after a month because your body has more rest during this time, so you have a calmer and stronger mind than before.
  3. Research shows that jogging works like a pill for mental illness.

Benefits of running after 6 months
Improve emotional life

  1. Running significantly raises testosterone levels in men; Especially when combined with interval and strength training. Testosterone is responsible for increasing sexual desire in men and thus makes life sweeter for them.
  2. Exercise also increases the number of sperm and as a result, people’s endurance increases and they experience more pleasure in married life.
  3. The benefits of running are not limited to men.
    Research shows that 20 minutes of running can also improve sexual performance in women.
  4. A survey found that 66% of respondents said they had a better married life and were sexually better when they exercised.

More love

  1. Research in men shows that their behavioral and thinking problems improve after running;
    Because they suppress destructive emotions.
    As a result, they express their love for friends and family more easily than before.

heart health

  1. Running 11 to 22 kilometers a week keeps cholesterol levels balanced.
  2. 150 minutes of physical activity keeps blood pressure levels healthy.
  3. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, after six months of running you can be 30% better and reduce the risk of inflammation and increase your IQ.
  4. Running reduces the risk of vascular disease, and your body becomes four years younger after at least six months of running.

Control blood sugar levels

  1. Studies show that there is a 51% decrease in hemoglobin A1C in the body of runners and this is a significant improvement. People who do aerobics with weights will be in a better position.
  2. If you already have diabetes, regular running reduces your risk of heart attack by up to 20 percent and kidney damage by up to 40 percent.
  3. Studies show that patients with diabetes can control their blood sugar levels and depression through exercise.

Healthy lifestyle

  1. Studies show that people who exercise make healthier changes in their lives.
    After six months, they will definitely notice the development of healthy habits in themselves.

High IQ

  1. Running allows the brain to improve your thinking.
    You will analyze the issue better than before and you will solve the problems more easily.
  2. Other studies also show that running has good effects on learning.
  3. ​​It is easier to focus on challenging tasks.
    As a result, you can easily manage your projects and increase your attention to detail by running.
  4. Decision making always plays a key role in your life, which can be significantly improved by doing daily activities.

Benefits of running after a year

  1. Running has great results for your hormonal changes and allows you to do great things with less energy because your muscles and tendons are stronger than before and you have a lot of physical endurance.
  2. A strong back or knee after a year of running means staying young, and as a result you will have a healthier knee overall.
  3. It is estimated that 80% of people who suffer from back problems can improve their condition by running;
    Of course, provided that the doctor allows them to do so, because running will strengthen the lumbar disc.
  4. Running also strengthens the thighs and hamstrings, which are the most important muscles in the body.

Very strong spirit

  1. Suffering from emotional and mental problems reduces your productivity.

But running;

benefit of running
Produces chemicals that help reduce physical pain and fight and make you feel good.

  1. The benefits of running when combined with meditation are multiplied because it greatly reduces the feeling of depression.
  2. Running also helps you perform better professionally and see progress in your work and personal life.
  3. A sedentary lifestyle is a factor in creating sad feelings, but running this cycle will eliminate the discomfort and rejuvenate your mind and body.

looking awesome

  1. Running improves your appearance in every way, fits your body, makes your face better in every way and can be useful for fighting problems such as acne or pimples, and your body shape.
    The reason for the right position generally improves your appearance.

benefit of running

benefit of running

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