Before sleep

Before sleep : Important point about studying 4 hours before bedtime

Before sleep : Important point about studying 4 hours before bedtime

Doing this before bed is very harmful to brain health!

Before going to bed, making a number of common mistakes in today’s world leads to insomnia and disorders of comfortable and natural sleep at night, which have unpleasant consequences for the health of the body and limbs.

We have to say that today’s modern world, in addition to certain advantages, also has disadvantages that are actually created by wrong behaviors and improper use of these facilities.

In the latest medical articles published in Europe, doctors have issued a stern warning to people who stare at their mobile phones and tablets for a while in the dark in the late hours of the night and use them.

This has been described by scientists as a very dangerous step for the structure of human health, because by looking at the rays emitted from the screen in a dark room and before going to bed, you are actually damaging your brain, leading to a lack of comfortable sleep.

It will be during the night and this will gradually lead to chain damage to your body because this action will cause your body to be very tired during the day and gradually the pressure on your body will go higher and higher and finally.
It can also damage other parts of the body.

This is due to the fact that the blue dots reflected from the tablet and mobile phone can disrupt the rhythm and normal function of the body and pose a great threat to the health of the body.

You should know that all living things have a specific rhythm in their body for 24 hours a day.

According to researchers, using a tablet and mobile phone in the dark of night results in nothing but disturbing the rhythm and sleep process.

And worse, it does not interfere with walking.

In this study, the subjects were suggested different methods that the best method that creates the highest comfort for the person in sleep, including not using digital tools for 4 hours before bedtime and also reading a printed version of the book for It was shortly before bedtime.
According to researchers, even people who have replaced digital books with regular books are exposed to these brain problems and disorders because in this case, their focus is more on learning and reading than on games and so on.

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