Beauty nails

Beauty nails

Beauty nails : It is very important for women to have beautiful and firm nails.
because they multiply the beauty of their hands,
If you don’t have beautiful nails and you don’t know how to care for them,
Here are some tips for keeping your nails beautiful and sturdy.

beauty nails

Beauty nails

Always use nail polish,
Wipe your nails with a clean napkin,
Because of the residual fat on the nails,
It does not allow the lacquer to sit on the nail and break the nail tip further.

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Ways to Have beauty nails and Sturdy

Beauty nails

6 Great Ways to Have beauty nails and Healthy

beauty nails
Beauty nails

1-do not Nail biting
The first and most important step for having beautiful and durable nails is to quit nail-biting. You should also note that nails can accommodate all kinds of bacteria,
By doing so, they enter your body and cause disease.

2-Shorten the size of the nails

It’s nice to have long nails,
But the size of the nails is important.

3-Don’t forget Rub nails

After trimming the nails,
be sure to rub them.

Because after shortening the nail, the corners and edges of the nails become rough,
They are broken by collisions everywhere.

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Ways to Have beauty nails and Sturdy

Beauty nails

4-Wet your nails

Take a little time each day to moisten your nails,
By placing the nails vertically in a container of warm water to obtain a soft texture and to avoid dryness and fragility.

5-Glossy the nails

The use of nail polish makes the nails transparent and shiny.

If you prefer a natural way, use olive oil to gloss your nails.

6-Use useful oils for nails

Include sesame and olive oil in your diet to make your nails firm and firm.

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