how to have beautiful nails Strengthen

Beautiful nails

Beautiful nails

Beautiful nails are directly linked to the health of the body.

Like hair, those consist of layers of creatine,
This material makes those hard and firm.

Nail growth by mold in its root,

Hand nails grow faster than toenails,
Something about 3 to 4 mm a month.

Healthy Body …>

Beautiful nails
Beautiful nails

The interesting thing is that the growth of “active” hand nails is faster,
That is if the person is right-handed,
Right-hand nails are more growth than left-hand nails.

The basic rules for beautiful

It is not good to use Iron polisher,
Or worse, scissors that hurt those,
Use cardboard polisher.

Moisten them by rubbing oil on those.

how to have beautiful nails? Strengthen
Beautiful nails

more beautiful with lacquer

Use a protective layer under the lacquer before lacquering;
Otherwise, your nails will loose or turn yellow…

Use mild solvents ((a drying agent)) to clean the varnish.((Without acetone))

To have beautiful nails,
it is necessary to pay attention to sensitive and fragile.

nails are broken or halved , what to do?

  • Rule number one

Your nutrition should be good and proper.

For have healthy and strong,
Consume essential amino acids and vitamins.
(You can get special nutritional supplements)

  • Rule number two

Using home-made gloves for dishwashing and gardening and applying creams to moisten,
Protect your nails.

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how to have beautiful nails? Strengthen
Beautiful nails

Most hand-held products,
Designed and designed to nourish skin and nails at the same time.

Use these creams!
Apply these creams on your nails daily.

The cause and treatment of nail fragility

The fragility of those is due to malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies,
But the most important cause of this problem is exposure to chemicals and drying of the skin and nails,
In some occupations,
it is more common.

Like those at gas stations, laboratories,
Hairdressers and mechanics may work,
Over time find very fragile those;
This can be seen even in housewives.

Nutrition deficiencies can make brittle,
Although calcium does not play a role in nail strength,
But zinc and magnesium deficiency can cause nail breakage.

Beautiful nails

For the treatment of nail fragility,
we use multivitamin-like compounds,
In those vitamins made for nail and hair growth, including biotin, it increases nail thickness by 20%,
Although regular multivitamins can also alleviate this problem to some extent,
There are also topical medicines that do two things,
Oily and penetrate inside the nail brittle, which gives the nail surface a smooth.

Gloves should also be used in various jobs to protect the skin and nails.

If these issues are respected,
those gradually become stronger,
Significant changes occur within 6 months.

Solid and liquid soap is no different,
But they add something to the liquid soap that can dry those.

Many people think lacquers strengthen those,
But it should be noted that,
lacquer can temporarily cause stiffness,
But the drawback is in the cleanser and it is advisable not to use acetone-based solvents.

what is nail?

The nail is mainly made of a protein called creatine,
This protein is very similar to the animal toxin in its structural properties and is not similar to bone and skeleton.

So what is thought by people to be bone-like compounds of protein and calcium,
The perception is wrong.

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