Beautiful face

Beautiful face

Beautiful face

Shaping and beautifying the face with the help of language exercises
Wrinkles on the chin can be caused by genetics, aging and overweight, and another reason for this is the wrong position of the tongue inside the mouth.
Fortunately, you can intervene and modify the shape of the tongue in the mouth to improve the appearance of your face.

The chin usually shows a buildup of fat under the chin, which is also very natural.

shaping and beautifying the face
Beautiful face

The platysma muscle, which connects the neck to the chin, may become weak, causing more fat to accumulate in this area, making it appear fatter.

This extra fat is placed on top of the platysma muscle and under the chin and creates a chin, the solution of which we have completely mentioned in the previous sections.

How can the shape of your tongue change the look of your face?

Improper position of the tongue inside the mouth can weaken this muscle and cause itching.
Experts believe that if we learn how to hold the tongue properly in the mouth, we can get rid of wrinkles and have a more beautiful jaw line, because the correct shape of the tongue is very effective in maintaining the proper structure of the face.

The best position for the tongue is to always be at rest at the top of your mouth.
You can change the position of the tongue correctly by doing various exercises and taking care of the shape of the rest.

Exercise 1
Place the tip of the tongue in the roof of the mouth just behind the upper tooth and attach it to the hard part of the roof of the mouth; So that it does not touch the teeth.
Rest the tip of your tongue very gently and comfortably on the roof of your mouth and keep it at rest.
Close your mouth and breathe naturally and try to keep your tongue in this position several times during the day for as long as you can.

Exercise 2
If you could not do the previous exercise, try this exercise:

Try to pronounce the letter N.
Hold the position of the tongue while you are pronouncing.
The position you experience in this case is the correct position of your tongue.
Now bring the back of the tongue close to the roof of the mouth and apply a little pressure to the end of the tongue and make sure that this pressure remains and enters upwards.
Keep your tongue in place several times during the day whenever you can and make sure this position is correct.
Once you have forgotten how to do this, just repeat the letter N again.

Exercise 3
Take a large piece of chewing gum and try to shake and chew it all over the top of the mouth.
Use your back teeth and chew as much as you can with your back teeth.
When chewing gum with your back teeth, your tongue is in a better position and you can always do this exercise.

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