Beautiful buttock

Beautiful buttock

Beautiful buttock :

5 Myths Exercise for buttocks Beautiful

Beautiful buttock : Let’s face it having beautiful buttocks is of great importance to many women (as well as many men).

But having beautiful bouncy buttocks is not only a question of aesthetics. Indeed, having a muscular buttock also promotes mobility.

If you want to firm up your buttocks quickly, you’ll have to focus on the exercises for the gluts.

This article will tell you all you need to do to strengthen your glutes and show a beautiful behind all round.

Here’s what you’ll find in this article: -Beautiful buttock

Why Muscle Gluts is Important for General Fitness

The best training frequency for gluteal exercises

The 5 main ideas received on exercises for gluts

10 good exercises to strengthen your buttocks

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The importance of bodybuilding for the gluts -Beautiful buttock

Only bodybuilding can have beautiful buttocks well rounded. To display a pretty sexy behind, it is imperative to develop muscle mass. This is where the exercises for the gluts come into play.
Muscle buttocks require to maximize all groups of gluteal muscles through different exercises.

The gluts are composed of several muscles: -Beautiful buttock

Large gluteal muscle (gluteus maximus muscle)

Gluteal middle muscle (gluteus medius muscle)

Small gluteal muscle (gluteus minimus muscle)

In addition to the aesthetic aspect of having plump buttocks, there are several other reasons to strengthen your buttocks.

The gluteal muscles are involved in a lot of movements. They are used to run, crouch or jump.

Many people attribute their inability to perform various physical exercises to knee problems while the problem is often that their gluteal muscles would deserve a little more attention.

Most people have an office job and their gluts are never or rarely solicited.

This inactivity favors the “flat buttocks problem” in both men and women. The other muscle groups are forced to assist the gluteal muscles, which often causes back problems. Indeed, back pain may be due to the weakness of the gluteal muscles.
Strengthen your gluts using exercises

Do you regularly run on the gym treadmill or in the open air? Congratulations! But to have plump buttocks, it will not be enough.

Certainly, cardio machines and running will make you spend calories, but cardio is not the best way to burn fat. In fact, cardio can cause muscle wasting and lead to flat buttocks. This is one of the reasons why I do not recommend running to lose weight.

To burn fat and have plump buttocks, it is better to do exercises that will strengthen the buttocks. Stimulating muscle growth leads to greater energy expenditure at rest.

It is also important to eat well and get enough rest. If you do exercises to strengthen your glutes but your diet does not follow, you will never get the results you expect.

To lose weight, reduce your daily calorie intake by using a diet menu that is designed to consume fewer calories than you spend on it. If you combine the change of your eating habits and the good exercises, you will forge yourself beautiful round buttocks in a short time.

Exercise for buttocks Beautiful
beautiful buttock

The 5 main ideas received on exercises for gluts -Beautiful buttock

There is a lot of false information on the internet about weight training. If you wish, I will begin by refuting the main ideas about the gluteal muscles.

Myth # 1: The squat is the most important gluteal exercise
Most athletes think that squats are the best exercise for the gluts. This is, however, a mistaken belief. Sure, the squat is a good exercise for gluts, but it’s not the best.

In 2006, the American Council on Exercise conducted an extensive study to determine which exercise best suits the gluts.

The research team used electromyography (EMG), a technique to measure muscle activity using electrodes.

Following the data collection, the researchers compared the muscular activity corresponding to each exercise with the muscular activity of the squat.

beautiful buttock

And what did they notice? -Beautiful buttock

There are a lot of exercises that solicit gluts. The results of the study showed that several exercises are just as effective as the squat.

To strengthen the buttocks, the following exercises are just as effective:


Lunges (slits)

Four-way hip extensions

Quadruped hip extensions

I will return to the best exercises for gluts a little further in this article.

A 2015 study, examined the difference between hip thrust and squat. Thirteen trained women were asked to do these exercises by carrying weights so that they could do a maximum of 10 repetitions.

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beautiful buttock

The results show that gluteal stimulation is up to three times higher with hip thrust than with squat.

The hip thrust is a must if you want to carve beautiful buttocks.

In another study, sports researchers sought to determine what the best exercise for the gluts is.

Twenty-one healthy participants were asked to perform 12 exercises and, with the aid of electrodes, an attempt was made to identify the exercise that best suits the gluts.

For the gluteal middle muscle, side-lying hip abduction and single-leg squat were found to be very effective.

For the large gluteal muscle, the exercises that have proven most effective are the single-leg squat and the single-leg deadlift (raised from the ground on one leg).

Myth # 2: You have to suffer to have beautiful buttocks

Certainly, it is important that you give yourself everything you have during your training session. But this does not mean that muscle pain is essential for the growth of the gluteal muscles. The fact that you can hardly walk for a week does not mean that you have had a good workout.
Muscle pain does not indicate the quality of your workout. Conversely, the absence of muscle pain does not mean that you have trained poorly.

It does not mean that you are fit. Examining one’s progress is much more useful.

having beautiful bouncy buttocks
beautiful buttock

How to do it?

Track your performance! Write down everything: what exercise you did, how many repetitions you were able to do and what weight you used.

If necessary, take the back and side of your buttocks every 3 weeks. If you find that you have made little progress after a month of training, there is something you are not doing well and a change is needed.

To strengthen your glutes, it is just as important to have a good diet to train intensively.

Myth # 3: The gluts consist of fast-twitch muscle fibers the human body is made up of different types of muscle fibers.

These include slow-twitch muscle fibers (type 1) and fast-twitch muscle fibers (type 2A and type 2B).

Slowly contraction muscle fibers are used during long-duration, low-intensity exercises.

They have a large oxidative capacity (aerobic) and the lowest glycolytic (anaerobic) capacity. Type 1 muscle fibers are mainly used during endurance efforts. For example, running or cycling.

Rapid contraction muscle fibers are characterized by strength, power, and speed. They have the lowest oxidative (anaerobic) capacity and the highest glycolytic capacity.

This type of muscle fiber is ideal for fast and short sprints and strength exercises. Sprinters, powerlifters, and weightlifters have a lot of muscle fibers type 2B.

To complicate things, there are also type 2A fibers. These are intermediate muscle fibers made of slow-twitch and fast-twitch fibers.

Scientists have sought to determine what types of muscle fibers the buttocks are made of.

One study found that the gluteal muscles consist of 52% Type 1 (slow-twitch) muscle fibers and 48% Type 2 (fast-twitch) muscle fibers. Another study found that they consisted of 68% Type 1 muscle fibers and 32% Type 2 muscle fibers.

What can we conclude? That the gluteal muscles are mostly composed of slow-twitch muscle fibers.

This means that it is not enough to just strengthen your gluts using exercises based on relatively heavy weights and few repetitions, but also stimulate them through a range of exercises.

Myth # 4: One or two exercises are enough to strengthen your buttocks

The gluteal muscles consist of several muscles. What does this mean in practice? That you must perform different exercises to solicit all your gluteal muscles.

Exercises like squats and lunges are good for the lower buttocks but do not use the upper buttocks. If you want to have well-rounded and firm buttocks, it is important to perform several exercises for the gluts.

Beautiful buttock
Beautiful buttock

Myth # 5: No progressive overload, no muscle growth

The progressive overload is to increase the weight that is raised during training sessions. It’s about putting the body to the test. However, this does not mean that you have to wear so heavy that you have trouble lifting the weights off the ground. You could hurt yourself and your gluts will not get any better.

To strengthen your glutes optimally, the most important thing is to do the exercises well. Lift as much weight as you can as long as you can complete the movement.

You will notice that good performance causes a slight “burn”. This burning sensation is a good sign!

beautiful buttock

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