Bad diets

Bad diets

Bad diets

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Weight Loss bad diets :
Many people who are obese or overweight dream of achieving the ideal weight, but unfortunately either do not have the opportunity to see a nutritionist or do not have the patience to exercise.
As a result, they choose strange ways to lose weight, which can be deadly.

According to the World Health Organization, 30% of the world’s population is obese or overweight.
In addition to affecting beauty, obesity can also be a cause of death.

With all these descriptions, achieving the desired weight has not been and is not easy!
In this section of Updatebody, we will introduce some diets that are bad and will cause death.

Weight Loss bad diets
Bad diets

Exotic and bad diets

  1. Parasite worm diet:

In the list that you will read below, the bad diets that we will say is in fact the same tapeworm diet that is still prevalent among a number of people in the world.
Some people wonder why you waste your time on a healthy diet when you can feed yourself with hungry parasites.

In the late twentieth century, Parasite worm were turned into pills and sold for weight loss with the slogan:
“Eat more and lose weight.”
By eating these pills, parasite worm eggs will grow and when they reach a length of 7 and a half meters, they will cause seizures, meningitis or dementia in the consumer.
Other side effects of this pill include cysts in the brain, spinal cord and eyes.

  1. Cotton ball diet:

Do you feel hungry?
Eat pieces of cotton!

These pieces of cotton are zero in calories and taste good.
It may seem strange, but some people do it and find it useful.

They make small pieces of cotton and soak them in lemon juice and swallow it.
In this case, he feels full while this causes intestinal obstruction and is not approved by any doctor.

  1. Imaginary mode:

Blue was thought to suppress appetite.
So if you want to eat less, wear blue glasses or imagine wherever you are, life is like a 3D movie.

  1. Cigarette diet:

In the 1920s, when a person felt hungry, they were encouraged to smoke, strangely enough, some claimed that overeating caused death while smoking only caused lung cancer.

  1. Vinegar diet:

In the 1820s, a man named Lord Byron became known for his anorexia and overeating because he believed in a vinegar diet. He believed that you should eat a lot of vinegar, two cups of tea and a raw egg daily.
Side effects of this diet were diarrhea and vomiting.

  1. Graham Diet:

By 1830, Sylvester Graham, the minister of the Protestant Church, had recently become a vegetarian.
He believed that people who are obese have too much sex and should reduce it as much as possible.
Although his diet was banned and his vegetarianism did not last long, he became known as Graham’s loving father.

  1. Soap diet:

In the 1930s, if you could not burn fat, it was enough to rub your body with soaps called (non-fat soap) or (fat burning soap).

  1. Chewing diet:

In 1903, Horace Fletcher became known as the Great Rodent. Because the weight loss was amazing because he chewed each bite 32 times and spilled the rest.
He was deprived of his health insurance during this diet.
Because there was not much popularity in this diet.

  1. Cellophane diet:

Another unusual way to lose weight was to wrap the body in cellophane, wrapping it around the body like cellophane food, believing that it would burn fat and lose weight because the body was sweating, dehydrated, and had blood volume.
It decreases as a result of oxygen not reaching the cells and will lead to weakness, dizziness, confusion, coma and even death.

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