Baby nail polish

Baby nail polish = 1 very big mistake

Baby nail polish = 1 very big mistake

Consequences of varnishing on baby nails
Unfortunately, some mothers apply different colored nail polishes on the small and beautiful nails of their young girls, but nail polishes contain amounts of chemicals that only the relatively strong texture of the nails can tolerate.

Be irritated and sensitive to contact with these substances.

This irritation and sensitivity to the oral mucosa will be much more severe and worse.

Because some young children are accustomed to chewing their nails or putting their fingers and nails in their mouths, they may chew on some of the nail polish if the nails are soaked in the varnish and swallow the chemicals in it.

Oral reactions or gastrointestinal upset.

On the other hand, the presence of a very harmful substance lead in colored varnishes is not unexpected.

For this reason, parents should avoid using nail polish on their children to prevent mucosal disorders or gastrointestinal complications.

In addition, if chewing and swallowing nail polish is repeated many times.

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