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Ovulation And important points about older woman

Ovulation And important points about older woman Increased ovulation and the chances of older women becoming mothersMany women do not have the ability to conceive and become pregnant due to their inability to ovulate at a young age, but there will be opportunities to become mothers at a later age. Artificial insemination specialists in the […]

Nose surgery and important points :

Nose surgery and important points : Those who need rhinoplasty ?Rhinoplasty and plastic surgery have become a dream for many people. A wish that the doctor must determine whether it can be achieved without any problems or not? Although these days no one pays attention to these words and goes under the razor blade for […]

Leukemia treatment and important points

Leukemia treatment and important points Discover the details of leukemia treatmentScientists use protein blockers – to stop the spread of leukemia. Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is one of the most invasive and damaging cancers. This cancer occurs without much warning and complications, and the five-year survival rate of cancer patients is only 24%. This protein […]

The common cold – important points

The common cold – important points What is the secret of doctors not catching a cold?Doctors are more surrounded by germs and viruses than anyone else.They are constantly examining patients who have a cold or the flu. If you listen to the doctors, they must have a common experience: that it has happened many times […]

Disadvantages of chewing gum – important points

Disadvantages of chewing gum – important points The harms of chewing gum for these peopleChewing gum is not recommended at all for some people because the results of research and studies have proven that some beliefs about chewing gum are completely wrong and vice versa. Studies and research on 30 volunteers in the age group […]

Rhinoplasty: Very important points

Rhinoplasty: Very important points Knowledge of fleshy nose cosmetic surgeryMost of the people who go for rhinoplasty and are basically afraid of the consequences are people who have so-called fleshy noses. Hundreds of men and women undergo fleshy and bony rhinoplasty every day. If you are on waiting list, then it is better to know […]

Eat midnight and important points

Eating in the middle of the night damages the brain Eat midnight If eating in the middle of the night has become a habit for you, you should try to quit this habit because according to research, it may cause damage to your brain. The latest research shows that evening food consumption and activation of […]

sleeping with socks on and important points

Properties and benefits of sleeping with socks for body health sleeping with socks on We used to think that sleeping with socks was harmful and complicated, while having socks while sleeping prevents some diseases related to the skin of the feet. If you are one of those people who like to wear socks at bedtime, […]

Sneezing and sunlight and important points

The reason for sneezing According to researchers, more than 30% of people sneeze while looking at the sun, and this is due to the stimulation of a part of the brain by exposure to sunlight. Many people think that the heat of the sun that reaches the nose causes sneezing. It is not heat. Aristotle […]