Arthritis of the spine

Doctors Gave Up Fixing This Woman’s Arthritis Back Pain, but Today She Feels Brand New

By Ian Hart, CSCS

Arthritis of the spine

arthritis of the spine –

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After helping hundreds of people who suffer from the combination of arthritis and back pain… and… Battling back pain myself for 10 long years… I can you tell there’s probably no more aggravating form of pain. Sometimes you can’t sit.

 Sometimes you can’t stand. Sometimes you can’t walk or drive. Or even lie in bed. The pain is simply wretched. It feels like gravel in your spine. Sometimes you can hear it grind. Doctors call it “wear and tear.” A couple days ago, a woman came into our clinic practically on her hands and knees. It was the only way she could find relief. She was practically in tears. The pain was almost unbearable.

She actually inspired today’s article. Today, I’m going to tell you what I told her…

Every week in fact, my clinics and programs are a destination for people from all walks of life who suffer from mild to severe back pain and arthritis. The first thing you should appreciate is arthritis in the back IS something that can be fixed without drugs, injections or surgery. That’s right. Allow me to be clear about this, because it’s important: Doctors are under intense pressure to see as many patients as they can. When you’re seeing a doctor and they’re telling the only way to find relief is to take drugs, injections or surgery, you’re not being told the whole truth. (I have doctors who are in pain visit my clinics, so I know.) 

Let’s put it this way: When they say you have back pain caused by arthritis, or sciatica, or spinal stenosis… it’s a symptom. It means for whatever the reason, the spinal canal is narrow at some point, putting pressure on the spinal cord. Now when they put a label your pain, like calling it “arthritis in the back”…

 I totally get how good that makes you feel in the moment. You now have a name for your pain. What happens next? Doctors prescribe some heavy duty Ibuprofen to calm the inflammation, maybe ship you off to a physical therapist, and then they’re onto the next patient. If it’s serious, they may recommend a corticosteroid injection or surgery.

 And we already know how well that works, don’t we? Let’s face it:

The Reality is a Lot of Doctors Fail to Fix Their Back Pain & Arthritis Patients

arthritis of the spine

Patients return repeatedly with the same pain, the same issue, the same cry for help. The doctor eventually begins to wonder whether the patient even wants to get better. (Especially when the patient rejects, for good reason, risky surgery.) Imagine that! It doesn’t quite occur to them it could be THE TREATMENT that’s not working. And that’s because their “arthritis” diagnosis just becomes an easy way of sending the patient home happy in the moment.

 For the record… “Arthritis in the back” is the term that describes SYMPTOMS of pain that come from irritation of the spinal cord. Mostly likely, those tingling, unusual or painful sensations are caused by:

  • An arthritic vertebrae , compressing or pinching a nerve…
  • Breakdown of the cartilage of the joints and disc…
  • A bone spur…
  • A facet joint at the back of a vertebra which is out of alignment…

Multiply these issues by the number of vertebrae and muscles in the back and… 

You can appreciate how much work it can be to accurately diagnose the root problem. Even with today’s technology like MRIs. Which is why most doctors feel they’re doing the best they can with the resources available. 

That’s why I prefer to take a more self-directed, holistic approach to fixing back pain caused by arthritis.

So… How Do We Fix the Pain, Tingling and Numbness?

Recently, a woman came to my clinic and… She was diagnosed with spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal) caused by severe arthritis in her spine. Now when she came in to see me, she came in practically on her hands and knees. 

She had already tried all the things doctors normally advocate. But the pain persisted. The doctors threw up their hands. Here’s Jan’s inspiring story in his own words. I think it may inspire hope if you’re also suffering…

arthritis of the spine

I went to a spinal surgeon. He told me I had spinal stenosis caused by arthritis. He put me on medication-–muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs. But there was always that the pain that would never go away. So they had me doing about a month and a half of physical therapy. 2-3 days a week. But the pain in back and hip was still there. 

Then, I discovered Ian’s program. I saw almost immediate results. Some of the exercises I would do would feel so good. It would immediately relieve any back and hip pain that I had. So it’s really helped me. I’ve had really no pain since then. 

In fact, I had a flare up one day. 

The next morning, I did the program… and that afternoon?

 I was feeling fine.

How did we help Jan? Or maybe more aptly, how did Jan help herself?

She did 8 specific movements… These 8 movements are totally unlike “the sheets” of exercises you get from chiropractors or doctors.

 Instead, we “wake up” certain muscles and restore muscle balance. 

That’s key. Then in certain areas of her back, we jump-started pathways so vital oxygen and nutrition could get in and help her heal. That’s the holistic way to relieve and remove arthritis back pain. In Jan’s case, it took just a couple 30-minute sessions. And that’s not uncommon. Just a few 30-minute sessions and she was feeling tremendous relief.

 Yes, there ARE ways to get out of pain. They don’t require medication, surgery or injections. They don’t require months of physiotherapy. 

You just have to restore your body’s natural functional movement and muscle balance and allow it to heal naturally.

arthritis of the spine