Antibiotics 100% : What is the best home antibiotic?

Antibiotics 100% : What is the best home antibiotic?

How to prepare home antibiotics with turmeric and honey
As you know, antibiotics are the second most widely used drug in after painkillers, many of which can be obtained from pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription.

This is why many people take antibiotics at the first sign of a cold or other , unaware that the side effects of these medications are serious.

So what to do?

Can infection be treated without these drugs?

Certainly yes, of course, with the methods approved by traditional medicine experts that we have introduced many times, and here we will discuss another version of making home antibiotics with turmeric and honey.

Prescriptions of home antibiotics with turmeric and honey
From ancient times the spices of turmeric have been used as a medicine to cure diseases.

Herbs have long been used as medicine, from minor burns and cuts to treatments in such cases.

A mixture of turmeric and honey is an important alternative to conventional medicines for the treatment of colds and sore throats due to its benefits and antibiotic properties.

What makes turmeric powerful?
Due to its important compounds such as curcinoids and polyphenols, turmeric has several healing properties that make it so strong that it can fight germs together, and it is also a powerful antioxidant that is very good for the skin.

The antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can heal wounds and allergies.

What makes honey powerful?
Honey acts like an antibiotic because of its resistant bacteria.

The direct use of honey is effective in treating infections, cuts and wounds and will also be effective in treating health problems.

What are the benefits of turmeric?
Reduce inflammation
Improves digestive function
Reduce and relieve pain
Prevention of cancer
Improve anxiety and depression

What are the benefits of honey?
Help control weight
Fighting allergies and diseases
Heal burns and wounds
Reduce and multiply blood sugar levels
An effective treatment for coughs and colds

How to make a natural antibiotic using honey and turmeric?

Many of us have turmeric and honey at home, so it is best to make a miraculous combination using the following recipe:

ingredients :
A quarter cup of pure honey
Two drops of lemon essential oil or vegetable oil
A tablespoon of turmeric

How to prepare and how to use:
First mix all the ingredients well together and then pour the resulting mixture into a container with a lid and keep at room temperature.

To get rid of allergies, colds and flu, use this mixture three times a day in the amount of a teaspoon and continue this treatment until it heals.

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