Allergic foods

Allergic foods : 7 of the worst Foods that cause allergies

Allergic foods

Foods that cause allergies – Allergic foods
Allergic foods : As you know, some foods cause allergic reactions in people, in which case you should be careful and avoid them because not following them will lead to coma and even death.
In this section of Updatebody, we will introduce the foods that you should avoid.

1- Wheat :
Wheat is found in a variety of foods such as bread, cereals and pizza, even ketchup and ice cream, and can cause dermatitis, inflammation of the airways and anaphylaxis.

2- egg :
Eggs are the main cause of itchy skin (a type of skin allergy) in children.
The protein in egg whites is the primary stimulant, although allergies to egg yolks are not uncommon.

Most children suffer from egg allergies by the age of five.
Note that severe allergies to eggs can cause hives, difficulty breathing, and sometimes even shock.
Therefore, it is better to avoid eggs altogether.

3- Nuts – Allergic foods
Nuts such as almonds, pistachios, Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews and hazelnuts are one of the main causes of anaphylactic reactions among all food allergies.
Nuts are used as a seasoning or main ingredient in foods.

4- Fish :
Fish allergies in infected people, mostly adults, persist for the rest of their lives and cause symptoms such as itching, dermatitis, and difficulty breathing.

Allergic foods

5- Milk :
Milk is a major cause of allergies in children, although the underlying cause of food allergies is unclear.
But from the age of 3, sensitivity in children decreases.
Cow’s milk is a major cause of milk allergies, but the milk of other animals such as goats and sheep can also cause reactions such as hives, vomiting and other digestive problems within minutes or hours.

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6- Peanut :
While some symptoms of peanut allergy are mild, such as runny nose and itching;
But it can lead to airway obstruction and fainting, which is a major cause of severe allergic reactions in children and adults.

People with severe allergies can experience the symptoms simply by smelling or touching peanuts.

cause allergies

7- Soy :
Soy allergies usually affect toddlers.

However, allergies are more common in many children from the age of two.

People with allergies should avoid soy foods and foods, including soy sauce, soy milk, and some baked goods, otherwise they may experience lethargy, nasal congestion, mouth ulcers, inflammation, and itching.

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