after exercise

after exercise

Things you must do after exercise

Post-workout recovery is essential and is part of any exercise program, but is often overlooked after any weight-bearing exercise or even walking on a treadmill.

The recovery period is just as important and it does not matter if you work on your arms, lower back, or abdomen, but people often leave the club in a hurry after exercising without any problems, and there may be side effects.
Therefore, in this section of updatebody, we will share with you the things you should do after exercising.

Things you must do after exercise
after exercise

Necessary and necessary tasks after exercise

Cooling the body: – after exercise

Once you have given up weight or finished running on a treadmill, you should not be completely immobile.
You should cool down. There are thousands of ways you can lower your heart rate and body temperature if you want to do some yoga and stretching.
Do, but many people like to jog, walk or even jump in the pool.

It’s really up to you.

Just take the time.

You have 10 or 15 minutes to finish your workout properly.
There is no professional or non-professional body cooling and it is a must for everyone.

Perform stretching movements:

after cooling down, doing stretching exercises is recommended by many trainers, and sometimes they are the same.
If you are not used to a treadmill, even a targeted stretching routine for 10 minutes may be what you need.
Makes you have flexibility and mobility, which is important for exercise and daily life.

Use of rollers: – after exercise

Many of you may not be familiar with foam rolling, but once you try it, you will get used to it.
It is recommended for professionals and fans of foam rollers and basically spinning on it.

What this roller does is loosen any knots you may have and help relieve tired muscles after exercise.
You can even do this before exercise to warm up the body.

Foam rollers may seem a bit unusual at first, but using them may be useful for recovery time.


drinking water:

This one is very obvious, but some people are reluctant to do so. Drinking water may be the most important act after exercise because you lose a lot of water through sweating while exercising, which may cause headaches and dizziness in some cases, but you can relieve it by drinking water if you finish your exercise.
You will see that you have lost weight.
This is due to dehydration.

Write a report:

It has never been easy to follow your own schedule and diet.
There are also apps for smartphones that can help you.
You can also use traditional pens and paper.
The key here is to make sure what you can do.

Nutrient intake:

Having a pre-workout meal is an option, but after exercise, give your body the fuel it needs to recover from sweating.
After strenuous exercise, the body looks for carbohydrates and proteins to help store glycogen and repair muscle, so the body needs fuel for nutrition to heal in time.

In addition, not eating after exercise can keep you hungry and no one likes to be tired and hungry.
To relax, pack one of these post-workout snacks in your bag.

Magnesium intake:

Magnesium is used in everything muscle builds, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control and energy production.
Losing magnesium during exercise – such as dark green vegetables, almond milk, sesame, fish (such as salmon and avocados – is an important way to recover your tired body and help you put in the most effort in the gym.

If you experience muscle cramps, it could be a sign that magnesium levels are too low and magnesium deficiency can cause muscle contraction, however, when done after exercise, it can help relax your muscles.
It is also recommended to take a bath of Epsom salt, which is high in magnesium.

necessary tasks after exercise
after exercise

Cold shower:

Take a cold shower, especially if you exercise in the heat, but there is no guarantee that a cold shower after exercise will help your post-exercise pain heal faster.
However, mentally, ice bath after exercise is very It .

In addition, some researchers say that cold water treatment may help. Basically, if you are too hot, a cold shower will help your body reach baseline.
just keep the bath temperature below normal.

Changing clothes:

You may be in a hurry to get to your destination and just do not have time to change your clothes so, you are planning to get dressed to go home or work even if you can not change all your clothes, It is important to change any wet clothes, such as underwear and socks.

Sportswear can absorb moisture and increase the growth of yeast, fungi, bacteria and germs, which can lead to skin diseases or pimples.


Time is one of the best ways to recover (or heal) from illness or injury, and it works well after strenuous exercise.
The body has an amazing ability if you let it take care of itself.
Let the repair and recovery process happen at a normal speed.
This is not the only thing you can do, but sometimes doing nothing is easier than this.

Perform active recovery:

Simple, gentle movement (such as brisk walking or cycling) improves blood circulation, which helps promote nutrients and the transport of waste throughout the body.
This helps to repair muscles and refuel faster. .

Massage :

massage feels good and improves blood circulation while allowing you to have complete relaxation.
You can also massage yourself .

Get some more sleep:

While sleeping, amazing things happen in your body.
Good sleep is essential for anyone who exercises regularly.
During sleep, your body produces growth hormone, which is primarily responsible for tissue growth and repair.


Adding a mental action to your exercise routine can be a huge benefit to any workout.
Spending time mentally practicing or following a care plan can help process a relaxed attitude, and reduce stress and reactivity.
Getting to know how your mind works, how thoughts can reflect around, is a great way to Exercise is work that improves both the mind and the physique.

In addition, positive exercise can help to constantly change the discourse in your mind.

Avoid too much exercise:

A simple way to improve a smart sports routine is to improve it faster. Excessive exercise, strenuous training per session, or lack of rest days will limit your fitness gains from exercise and undermine your regenerative efforts.

Listen to your body for faster recovery:

The most important thing you can do is listen to your body quickly.
If the feeling of tiredness, discomfort, or attention to performance decreases, you may need more recovery time or refrain from training altogether.
If you feel well the day after strenuous exercise, you do not have to force yourself to.

If you pay attention, in most cases the body lets you know what you need, the problem for many of us is that we do not listen to these warnings.


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