Aerobics meaning

Aerobics meaning – Definition of Exercise 

Aerobics meaning : Definition of sport refers to normal physical activities or skills that are based on a set of commonly agreed rules for recreational purposes, or for competition, personal enjoyment, fitness, skill acquisition or a combination of these goals.

The definition of exercise depends on the purpose and purpose of doing it. Swimming, for example, against thousands of people in an indoor swimming pool is a form of exercise, while swimming in an ordinary pool or at the sea is a recreation.

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There are many disciplines in sports and people spend a great deal of time and money both as a participant and as a spectator.

Sport and Exercise Over the years, entertainment has become a profession and activity, and countless professional athletes around the world have come to riches and lives through exercise. This is another characteristic of the sport.

Today, women’s sports have also gained prominence in international forums.

Aerobics meaning

The development of sports, given their full history, teaches us important things about social change as well as a great deal about sports themselves.

There are many modern discoveries in France, Africa and Australia about the art of cavemen (Laskaux, for example) from prehistoric times that show evidence of religious celebrations, behaviors, and more.

Some of the dates of these sources date back to 5 years, recorded by carbon dating. Although there is insufficient direct evidence of sport from these sources, it is reasonable to assume that there were activities in this era that are equivalent to the definition of sport in our time.

There are some artistic and structural facts that indicate that the Chinese were involved in sports and activities about 5 years before Christ. Gymnastics seems to be one of the most popular sports in ancient China.

Aerobics meaning

Aerobics meaning

The remains of the Pharaohs show that many sports, including swimming and fishing, were fully developed and completed regularly in ancient Egypt several thousand years ago.

Other ancient Egyptian sports included spear throwing, high jump and wrestling.

In Europe, remnants of ancient Ireland show evidence of the pedigree of modern Irish hockey used to prepare warriors for war, going back to five centuries BC.

Aerobics meaning

There were many sports in ancient Greek times such as wrestling, running, boxing, spear throwing, disco throwing, rowing. The wide range of these activities dramatically illustrates the military culture and development of sports in ancient Greece one after the other.

Since the Greeks created the Olympics, sports have become part of the culture of the country that has been held once every four years in a small village in Peloponnese called Olympia. The ancient Olympics have been established and modernized to the present day.

Industrialization provides more rest and recreation for the citizens of developed and developing countries and has created more time to participate in spectacular and competitive sports and to participate more in sports activities.

To draw and they To significantly increase access. These tendencies and tendencies continue with the effectiveness of media, mass media and global communications.

Professionalizing in a sport has become a definite plus, and in addition to it, has increased the popularity and popularity of sports, as sports fans have begun to advertise and show professional athletes through radio, television and the Internet – all of which are practiced And sports competitions with amateur sports are involved.
World-class football is the most popular and popular sport in general.

Aerobics meaning