Aerobic workout

Aerobic workout

Aerobic workout : It is any type of exercise that raises your heart rate.

We all know that in order to have good muscles, we need to move them.

Moving their muscles makes them stronger,
Stronger muscles mean a stronger and more efficient body.

The heart is also a muscle and just like other muscles,
it becomes stronger when you exercise with aerobic exercise.

The more powerful cardiovascular system,
That is more capillaries to deliver more oxygen to the muscle cells.

This extra oxygenation means that your cells’ fat-burning ability increases during exercise,
even when you are not exercising.

The exercise you do,
when it is a cardio or aerobic exercise in which you exercise your big body muscles at a specific time (not too short),
So that your heart rate is at least 50% of your heart rate maximum state.
(The maximum beat per person can be estimated by gender and age.)

Some great aerobic activity
Walking is the most comfortable and safe cardio exercise that is ideal for starting these types of exercises.

You work more with your knees and buttocks with the elliptical device available in sports venues like clubs.

But you also burn a lot of calories.

If you increase the slope,
You will engage more muscles.

Swimming is an aerobic activity that involves the whole body.

Swimming in tandem with the type of swimming you do each round,
The best way to get all the muscles involved is during training.

Try to swim at a steady pace to strengthen your heart and lungs.

Running cardio or aerobic activity is very effective.

Just remember that if you do endurance workouts over long distances,
Physical like distance runners,
If the training is explosive and fast,
you will find the body with high muscle mass.

High-intensity aerobic activity and short breaks
This type of exercise, which is very popular nowadays, is known as HIIT.

This aerobic activity is followed by very high intensity and short time with a short rest afterward and continues.

Jump rope
It is a cheap, comfortable, and very calorie-burning aerobic activity.

If you were one of those guys who used to play ropes as a kid,
You will be amazed at the great fatigue and hardness of it at adulthood.

Riding bike
Cycling, whether on a real bike or on a stationary bike, spins large leg muscles and improves heart rate.

The Unique Effects and Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Weight Loss
All exercise burns calories.

With limited calorie intake,
You will lose weight when your body burns fat.

Heart Strengthening
Cardio or aerobic activity teaches the heart to work more efficiently.

Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol
As the heart beats faster, circulation also increases.

In this case, the blood vessels become more flexible and the thinner vessels,
They become thicker to get more blood to the muscles.

aerobic exercise

Better sleep
By getting tired, your sleep quality improves.

Stronger muscles for older people
muscles will keep you upright and independent until old age.

More energy
Endurance increases and fatigue decreases.

You may feel tired at the start of aerobic activity.

but as you continue to do so,
your general energy level will rise and you will move on to more vibrant life.

aerobic workout
Aerobic workout

Strengthen the lungs
When we move the large muscles in the body,
we breathe faster and deeper,
which improves the performance of the lungs.

Longer life
Research shows that people who exercise regularly live longer than those who don’t.

Less Illness
Aerobic exercise strengthens the immune system.

If you want to avoid the cold,
do not neglect your workouts.

Reduce anxiety and depression
When you exercise,
your body releases endorphin,
which is a powerful sedative and pain reliever.


Do not forget, when do any cardio or aerobic exercise,
you should drink too much water.

If you have heart or lung disease or if you are taking a particular medicine,
be sure to consult your doctor before starting the aerobic activity.


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