aerobic exercise

aerobic activity

Stop misconceptions about aerobic exercise

When you think of losing weight, the first thing that comes to mind is “club membership” but what is the sport you want to do? Everyone’s first choice is “aerobics”, but do you know what exercises include? Activities that increase heart rate such as running, mountaineering, cycling and. . . All include aerobic exercise.

In addition to losing weight, aerobic exercise helps improve heart health, keeps you active, increases your ability and performance, reduces calories, and keeps your lungs healthy.
Despite its countless benefits to the heart, there are some misconceptions about it, some of which we are going to introduce in this part of exercise and fitness.

aerobic activity
aerobic activity

Can aerobic exercise be replaced at home with running and leg exercises?
People always consider leg exercises to be more than aerobic exercise, but this is a misconception because these exercises are different and cannot replace each other.
Leg exercises increase muscle tension and aerobic exercise is effective for weight loss.

You can have an effective and high-intensity activity by practicing in step aerobics classes.
This exercise is easier than running, but it will still be effective in improving endurance, strengthening the heart and arteries, and strengthening the muscles.

Is it true that aerobic exercise alone helps you lose weight?
This is a misconception because weight loss is not just about aerobic exercise.
Weight loss will be followed by strength training, proper diet and balanced aerobic exercise.
The key thing to remember is “having a nutritious diet” because without them, aerobic exercise can not help.

If you do aerobic exercise, strength training is also necessary because it helps you lose weight, but keep in mind that the body needs energy to strengthen the weight loss process and build muscle.


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aerobic activity
aerobic activity

Do you really need a club to do aerobics?
This is another misconception. Any exercise that increases your heart rate is aerobic. Now you can run, jump, ride a bike or do any other such activity. None of these exercises require a gym and you can do them in the park, near your place or even at home.

Is it true that aerobic exercise should be done on an empty stomach?
Many people think that hunger causes weight loss but it is not true at all. When exercising, having energy is essential. If you do aerobic exercise on an empty stomach, your body will be weak and will not lose weight in any way. Therefore, it is better to never work out on an empty stomach with aerobic exercise.

Are aerobic exercises useful in less than an hour?
Aerobic exercise reduces calories; What an hour you ran and what 20 minutes! People today believe that weight loss is only possible with periodic and high-intensity exercise, but this is a misconception.

Even if you do aerobic exercise alone and regularly, they can still help you lose weight, but as mentioned earlier, if combined with a healthy diet, etc., great action. They will.


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