Aerobic activity examples

Aerobic activity examples – 12 Effective aerobic movement 

Aerobic activity examples : If you are also looking to learn the best aerobic exercises for weight loss at home,
read this article down to the end.

1- Stair Workout 

Target muscles:

Quadriceps, Gluteal muscles, hamstrings, and legs

How to do:
With a steady speed, go up and down the stairs for at least 10-15 minutes.
This is your warm-up practice.

2-Jump rope

Target muscles:
Shoulders, quadrilateral, Gluteal, and legs

How to do:
a- Stand and your legs as wide as the shoulder.
Get the ropes in both hands.
B- Use your wrist to curl the rope over the head.
c-When the rope comes to the front of your feet, quickly jump over it.
And repeat this.

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3- Squat jump

Target muscles:

Quadriceps, Gluteal, and thigh muscles

How to do it:
a-Standing and Open legs as wide as shoulder width.
b- Do a Normal Squat.
c- When you make the downward, jump in the air.
d- When lifting from the ground, lower your back to normal squat to complete the first repetition.
e- Do 4-5 repetitions and do not rest more than 2-3 seconds between sets.
f-you need to keep in mind that you keep pace throughout the workout.

4- Burpee

Target muscles:
Chest, deltoid, Gluteal, hamstring

How to do it:
a- Start with a standing posture with your hands next to your body.
b- Sit in a squat position with your palm on the ground.
c- As you stretch your arms, slide your foot backward.
d- You are now in an upright Planck mode.
e- From this state, Planck upgraded immediately to squat.
f- Then jump up to complete the first iteration.

Aerobic activity examples

Aerobic activity examples

5- Jumping Jack – aerobic exercise examples

Target muscles:

Legs, Gluteal, deltoids, and large back muscle

How to do it:
a- Cling your legs together and throw your hands together.
b- Jump up and open your legs and lift both hands at the same time.
c- Immediately went down and the start mode.
And repeat this move.
d- This is a small warm-up exercise before practicing real hard aerobic exercise.

6- Moving-Bear Crawl

Target muscles:

Triceps and deltoids

How to do it:
a- Start with Planck mode and place your hands and feet on the floor.
b- Keep it moving forward at a constant speed.
c- Keep in mind to put more weight on your hands and less weight on your legs.
d- Do this for at least 60 seconds.

Aerobic activity examples

7- Moving inchworm-aerobic exercise examples

Target muscles:


How to do it:

a- Open your legs wide to keep your trunk tight.
b- Place your hands on the floor as you bend over.
c- Now Keep your foot firm, move your hands to a Planck position.
d- When you reach the Planck position, move your legs quickly to your hands and stand up.
This is the first iteration.

8- Climber’s move

Target muscles:

Abdomen and hamstring

How to do it:
a- Go in Planck mode and hold your body.
b- Bring the right foot forward and near the right hand to position it in a long down.
c- Now push the right foot back and immediately bring the left foot forward.
d- Do this in quick succession.

9- Knee high-aerobic exercise examples

Target muscles:

Quadruple and Gluteal

How to do it:

a-Stand up and spread your legs as wide as your buttocks,
jumping at a steady pace and lifting both knees alternately to near the chest.

b- Do it as fast as you can.

10-Plank Jumping Jack

Target muscles:

Gluteal, hamstring

How to do it:
a- Start with a Planck position, hold your torso straight,
your legs by jumping open and by jumping again closer.
B. Remember to jump open your legs not too far.
P. Also, keep your feet flat during exercise.

11-Short and fast kick

Target muscles:
Lower abdominal area
How to do it:
a- Lie on your back so that your face is up and Pull your abdomen is inward
b- Put your hands under your lower back for more support.
c- Now both legs using the trunk to create an angle with your upper body.
d- Move your legs alternately up and down above the ground.
Do as fast as you can.

12- donkey kick

Target muscles:

Gluteal and Hips muscles

How to do it:
a- Go to Planck and hold your trunk tight.
b- Now throw your right foot back in the up.
c- Slowly back to baseline.
Repeat this move several times and then move to the opposite leg.
d- Make sure your shoulders and wrists are aligned.

Conclusion-aerobic exercise examples

Aerobic exercises are good for our health.
And these exercises can be done.
aerobic exercise useful for weight loss at home.

Aerobic activity examples