Acetaminophen : 1 Important natural acetaminophen

Acetaminophen : 1 Important natural acetaminophen

Excessive use of acetaminophen leads to cancer !!!

Doctors believe:
It is amazing how acetaminophen Beaufort is produced and distributed and consumed to the farthest reaches of the people, so that doctors also give acetaminophen pills to the patient as soon as a fever occurs, without knowing what side effects this drug has.

Acetaminophen causes hepatitis, liver cancer, and other complications due to its direct toxicity to the liver.

Unaware of what side effects it will have.

Juices can play the role of acetaminophen in treating pain.

In addition to being antipyretic, fruit juices, along with other herbal anti-cold medicines, not only act against the disease, but are also rich in useful vitamins and compensate for the lack of body water caused by fever in the best way.

Willow sweat will be stronger in its antipyretic properties.

A traditional version

From now on, instead of taking acetaminophen, mix watermelon juice, apple juice, lemon juice and consume 3 cups to 3 glasses a day, and stronger if you want to add decoction or willow skin sweat to it, and be sure to If the patient’s abdomen is swollen and there is no constipation, the fever will stop completely and there will be many benefits for him, and of course, herbal anti-infective drugs should be given to the child to eliminate the cause of the fever.

It is worth mentioning that because some sweet lemons become bitter after peeling from the skin and make the syrup taste bad, it is better to add sweet lemons as soon as the patient intends to drink the syrup so that it is eaten before it becomes bitter.

Not to mention the bitterness of lemon itself is antipyretic and antiseptic.

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